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Bagged grass clippings, garden waste and leaves must be in biodegradable bags.  No plastic bags can be picked up.  For Fall leaf pick-up please rake your leaves into rows (not mounds) along the roadway.  They must be free of branches, trash, debris or other materials that would damage the leaf vacuum machine.  Bagging leaves is not required in the Fall.

Brush pick-up must be stacked in the tree lawn parallel with your street.  We cannot handle more than 4 inches in diameter and limbs can be no longer than 10 feet.  There cannot be trash or other debris mixed in with the brush.  This must be pulled out before we can pick up your brush.  No vines, weeds, flowers, and fine trimmings from bushes.  These must be placed in biodegradable bags for curbside pickup on Monday thru Friday.  We cannot take stumps or root balls encrusted with dirt or large quantities of brush such as cuttings from tree service, full trees, etc.

The Village provides many services:

Spring and Fall Clean-up days (NO Dirt, Rocks, Concrete, Block, Brick, Firewood, Brush or anything with Freon.)
Fall leaf pickup.
Brush pick-up (April through October)
Sidewalk plowing
Bagged grass clippings and garden vegetation are picked up continually through the warmer months.
Christmas tree removal provided from tree lawn.
Public Street Snowplowing - Help snow removal efforts by not parking on streets 2 am - 6 am.

Special requirements are in place for all of these services.  For more information please call the Village Hall at 269 473-6921.

Street Department Budget for 2022-2023


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